Changes Coming

I am in the final stage of testing a different way to enter your boards.  This has come about because the original software is due for the annual renewal shortly, which is expensive.  Also many, if not most of the bells and whistles are not used and this means that my planned price increase will be avoided, except for V Boards, which will be £6 per movement from September 1st.

You can test it yourself if you wish,  by clicking this link and using the password letmein. Give it a try and put your email address in the final box so you get the confirmation email.

Re-set After Bad Weather

Please be aware that our current policy is no longer sustainable. We will now only re-erect boards free of charge due to bad weather displacing them within the first 6 weeks at their location.  Long term boards that need re-setting due to weather, growth of surrounding trees, vandalism, clients removing them etc. etc. after this time will be charged at the normal rate.  Thanks

Name Change

As a cost saving exercise I have started the process of winding up the Limited Company and now have a new bank account as a sole trader, details will be sent out next week along with re-issued invoices for the April movements.  The old bank account will not be closed for some time, but please use the new one for paying from the April invoices onward.
Everything else stays virtually the same, The website is now in the name of Rapid Board and your boards will be still put up and changed by the same people.
Many thanks

Another Update

Our software supplier has been busy again with another update.  You will see at the left hand side of your Dashboard that you can see a listing of Recent Activity as well as Completed Tasks.

I believe that you are also now able to edit a new Job or Task, as long as it is not completed.  This will help with changes to the address or if the property is quickly withdrawn etc.  Thanks

Major Update

You will have noticed that there have been a few changes recently.  The software developer has been hard at it and there are now more options when creating a job. Particularly for the location of the board/s along with a notes box for each location.


Click on the default board position (left pic) to get the drop down list (right pic)

Personalised Slips

Now we have a vinyl cutter we are able to produce this type of slip,  in pairs, quickly and in house.  Ideal to assist in the promotion of individual properties.  Speak to Peter now on 07851723595 for more information.

Signboards and Promo Slips

We now have a vinyl cutter and can produce your boards in hard wearing 3 to 5 year vinyl in minimum quantities of 5 off.  We can either use your artwork or we can recreate it for you to match your existing boards.  We can also make promotional slips or even letter your vehicle.  Ask for a quote

Can’t login this morning?

If you login to your dashboard from a saved link you may not be able to this morning as the access is now only available through an https:// link.  Please use the Client Login button above and once in save the new link.  This is to accommodate the secure (s) element of the access.  Thanks

An Interesting Link

We came across this link today to a very interesting and thought provoking piece regarding internet selling.  I’m sure you’ve seen it but here it is   The blog is quite interesting too.  On a related matter, three boards not collected today because they’d vanished.  We know the most effective  collection of a Sold board is they day the new owner moves in or the day after.  It makes you look efficient and on the ball, they love it and will no doubt sing your praises.  We also know of the negativity that is created by leaving them too long, ‘nuf said.