Happy New Year

I suspect you feel like I do about last year, glad to see the back of it. So here we are twenty years on from that supposed ‘Millennium Bug’ and looking forward to a Happy and Prosperous 2020. Thank you for your business, past present and future.

New Feature

Now you can add a photo when booking a board. Just use an existing exterior shot if the property may be difficult to find or take one to show a specific location for the board. The link appears after the email address, as shown above.

Your Boards

I have now created a Google calendar for individual clients boards. If you have not received a link to your personal page and calendar it will be with you shortly.  If you have Google calendar installed on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone you should be able to click on an item to see it’s status or search for an address. Any item with a hash tag (#) just before the address means that the instruction has been carried out.

Personalised Slips

Now we have a vinyl cutter we are able to produce this type of slip,  in pairs or any quantity, quickly and in house.  Ideal to assist in the promotion of individual properties or for sponsoring local events.  Speak to Peter now on 07851723595 for more information.

Price Rise Avoided

I’m pleased to say that a planned price rise has been avoided for all new jobs and tasks for existing boards, apart from the V Boards, which will be charged out at £6 per Job or Task from September 1st.