Software Update

Last night (Sunday July 23rd) the software had a major update and a slightly different login address. Everything is now https. If you have bookmarked yours you will need to redo it.  It now works much better on a phone or tablet. Your login procedure has not changed, neither has your login name or password.  You will be redirected, automatically, from the old address which will still work for about three weeks.  I have tested them all this morning but if you have a problem contact me immediately on 07851 723595 – Thanks  Peter

Two boards at one address

That’s easy, just create a Job for each board, this avoids any confusion.  Both boards show in the drop down list on your Dashboard so neither of them get missed when you need to change or collect them. One can be out front and one in the back garden or the top of the road.  If you need an arrow or house number just leave a message in Notes.

Available Tasks in Drop Down List

Some of the Tasks shown in the drop down list may not be available to you, but are shown because other clients use them.  For example, you may only have the ‘For Sale’ or ‘Sold’ options for your boards and slips.  Others may have an ‘Under Offer’ option for a slip because they gave us the relevant slips but we will only use your Sold slip unless alternatives are supplied.  Thanks.

Boards held in stock for you

This running total now shows on your dashboard at the bottom left.  If you have some Vee board or Commercial Boards as well as Flag boards it will only show the joint total of the number of boards we have for you. We will of course send you an email if any total is getting low so that new stock can be ordered before we run out.

Saving money by putting some boards out yourself !

Sounds great doesn’t it? But surely your time would be better spent doing what you do best, selling or letting houses.  Using your skills, phoning your waiting list, raising your profile in the town, canvassing for new sales and clients. Leave the boards to us, most boards are up or changed well within the two working days we aim for. Far better than tip toeing round in a garden when your dressed for the office!

Leaving Sold boards out !

‘Leaving SOLD boards out is good advertising’.  Not necessarily, our records show that the longer a board is left, after having SOLD put on it, the more chance is that it will not be there when we go to pick it up.  Even if it is there it’s more than likely by the bins, behind the garage or in the skip if they have builders in.  Was it worth a £15 board and post in advertising?

Know where your boards are

The drop down list on your Dashboard shows you instantly where all your boards are as does the map, no need to keep separate records, everything is here at your finger tips.