Use the Calendar to your Advantage

You can add items in advance so that you don’t forget to do it. If a client wants the board down on the day they move in just add it to the relevant date and we’ll see to it on that day, you look professional and the client is happy.

IMPORTANT Security Notice

It is the clients responsibility to ensure the security of their portal and those who have access to it.  That sentence is lifted from our Terms & Conditions and is reproduced here to remind all clients that it is your responsibility to notify us when you no longer require access for one of your team. If an ex member of staff still has access to your portal after they have left we can accept no responsibility what so ever if they log on and give all the locations of your boards to a new employer or worse still indulge in destructive behaviour with your listings.  YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Checking your Invoice

From your Dashboard you can click on an invoice to check it.  Once you are happy and are initiating payment please click the green ‘Accept’ button to the top right so that we know payment is on it’s way.  Once it is paid we will archive it so it is no longer listed.

Adding slips to a job

When you are creating an new job an option to add a slip is available lower down the page. This can be used to add ‘Sold’ or a number of other instructions such as ‘Garden Flat’, ‘No.’ or a direction arrow. Please use the notes for additional information.

Software update

We have made a few changes to the software to eliminate the confusion between creating jobs and adding tasks to existing jobs.  The choices of job creation are now limited so that one address cannot have two jobs relating to it. After creating a job for a particular address always use the drop down list to the top right of your dashboard to add a task to that job (address)

Always check if an address already exists

If you create two jobs for one address, rather than adding a task to an existing job you will generate extra charges.  Always check the ‘Choose Job’ box in the top right hand corner of your dashboard and then add a new ‘Task’ to that existing ‘Job’.  If the address is not listed then create a ‘Job’ for it from the left hand side of your Dashboard.

Including a slip when asking for board to go up

As you progress down the page when using ‘Create Job’ there is an option to add a slip, such as Ground Floor Flat.  Use the drop down list or click ‘Other’ if what you need is not listed and add the text you need into the relevant box.  Finish entering details on the page and click ‘Save’