Expanding our Area

We can cover a large area from our base in Weymouth / Dorchester and now we have a base in Chard.  If you’re looking for a better service and are even further afield don’t be frightened to ask.  We can only say yes.

Itemised billing is the norm

Do the people looking after your sales and lettings boards give you an itemised bill?

We do, it show every job or task, the address and the date carried out.  You can also view the location of everyone of your boards on the map available from your portal access.

Thinking of joining us?

That’s great, it’s so easy to get started and we’ll add the list of your existing boards if you just email us the list, csv file or a scan and we’ll do the rest.

Creating Jobs & Adding Tasks



As we hone the software to suite the needs of our clients we will issue these guidance notes from time to time.

You can see all these elements by signing in as testclient with the password letmein

The first time an address is added​ it is done by the ‘Create Job’ link from the menu on the left of the page or from the top left of the white screen first seen after login. This also creates the first ‘Task’ for that address.

Create Job


Once a Job and its initial task has been created ‘Tasks’ can be added to it as and when required, with the final Task being ‘Collect Board’

To ‘Add Task’ at any time, other than when using ‘Create Job’, look at the top right of the screen after login and click the arrow to drop down a list of all the Job Addresses that you have entered on the System.

Add Task  Task Address List

Click on the required address and a shortened Task Form appears, select the required task and date for that task, add any relevant notes and click ‘Save Task’

Task Form

Job done

If you try to enter an address already live on the system you are given the option to create a new job for that address or to add a task to the existing job.

To avoid duplication which can be confusing for all concerned it is generally best to select ‘Add Task’.

Test Drive our Software NOW

Want to see how easy our software is to use? Then test drive it now.

Simply go to the Main Menu bar above and click ‘Client Login’ the Rapid Board login screen opens in a new window.

Enter testclient as a username with letmein as a password and away you go. Fill it in if you want, check out how easy it is to use.

All from your desk, tablet or phone.

For more information click one of the ‘Contact’ links in the main menu.


Yeah but changing companies could get complicated

No it shouldn’t, just give us some boards and posts and your list of existing boards and we’ll do the rest.

We can be managing your boards within hours of you giving us the go-ahead.

We’ll add your existing boards to our system while you just carry on with your normal days work.

You instruct us about new jobs or tasks directly from your desk and we will carry out those instruction within a maximum of 48 hours. Usually they are done on the day you have chosen.